Do i need a Lawyer

Do I need a lawyer?

This is a question that I have been asked a number of times. My answer is this: “if you needed a knee reconstruction would you do it yourself? or if your car broke down (and you were not mechanically minded) would you try and fix it yourself”.

The law is very complex and that is why lawyers are required to do five years of study and two years of supervised work to be fully qualified.

It is through this study and by appearing in court on a regular basis that lawyers understand the courtroom practices and procedures, the parts of the legislation that need to be addressed and what subjective information the magistrate needs to know.

There are also occasions where an incorrect charge is laid, there is insufficient evidence to prove the offence against you or there is a defence available.

Given the potential implication a loss of licence or criminal conviction can have on your employment, travel and relationships, my advice is—yes you do need a lawyer.