Notice of License Suspension

Have you received a Notice of Licence Suspension?

Some of the main reasons people receive a Notice of Suspension include:

  1. They were caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 km/h; or
  2. They accumulated the maximum demerit points allowable; or
  3. They have unpaid fines.

If you have received a Notice of Suspension your licence will be suspended either for the period of time stated on the notice (if it is a suspension imposed by the Roads and Maritime Services) or until your matter is finalised at court (if it is a suspension imposed by the police).

The Notice of Suspension has a few important pieces of information in it including: the suspension period, when the suspension is to commence and conclude and which offences have triggered the suspension. The notice also advises you that you can appeal the decision. Importantly you need to be aware you have 28 days from the date you receive the Notice of Suspension to lodge the appeal.

There are some alternatives to lodging a licence appeal for those who hold a full licence or are professional drivers. Given how important a drivers licence is for work and travel, particularly in the Newcastle and Hunter region where there is limited public transport available, my advice is to contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss your options.